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Much of what we are able to do as an Association is possible because of those who help sponsor special events.  Our ability to help fellow alumni, support our former home and hold reunions would not be possible without the generous contributions of these companies and individuals.  Please express your gratitude and support

Sponsor of the Annual Meeting
Jimmie Boatwright
in Memory of Laura

Sponsor of the Legendary Picnic
Gary Hardy

Hole-In-One Sponsor - Sixth Year
Thank You Rodney Ruthart

 Long Drive Contest Sponsor 
Gary Hardy 

Tiger Hole Sponsor - Fouth Year
Thank you Daniel Scroggs

Seventh Year
Hand Made Boots for Auction

Fifth Year
Silent Auction Gift 


Cross Pointe Auto
Auto Connection
Brinlee's Automotive
Covenant Motors
Gene Messer Ford
LG Auto Group
Chuck Farrell
Bobby & Cindy Sarpalius
Jordan & Cam Lindsey
Michael Rogers
Amy Brasher
David and Debra Rodgers
Guy & Geneva Finstad
Robert Leming
Mark & Kathleen Embry
Ricky Smith
Don Brecht
Tom Alvarez
The Dillingham FAmily

Other Contributors

Pepsi       Lays     Coors     Lance

 2014 - 15  Alumni Gatherings/Events

  • Southern CA - Sept 27, 14
  • Northern CA - Oct 4, 14
  • Florida - Nov 15, 14
  • Dallas - Feb 7, 2015
  • Maryland - Mar 14, 2015
  • Memphis - Mar 21. 2015
  • DFW Golf - May 16, 2015
  • Oklahoma - May 26, 2015

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One of the benefits of membership with Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Alumni Association is receiving the newsletter. The inviting content contains information on the many things that our association does to help our members and their families. From crisis support to scholarships each article contains valuable information. There is even a new “Where Are They Now” presentation highlighting individuals who were at the Ranch or Girlstown, but to get this newsletter CFBRAA must have a recent address.

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    Sat. - Feb 7th - 6 p.m.

Haggard Party Barn

5948 McKamy Trl. - Plano

     Attention all Cal Farley's Alumni in the DFW Area and all over the country.  The second largest gathering of Boys Ranchers and GirlsTowners will be held for the 11th consecutive year.  

     We will start gathering around 5:30 with supper being served at 6 p.m.  Again we will have BBQ with all the fixins.

     Cost will be $12 for adults and $7 for children.  There will be an additional $2 per person if you don't make a reservation

     Make your reservations by emailing: or calling (817) 788-8782.  Be sure to include the number of adults & children.

     There will be a live auction for a special live Radio Broadcast.  This is a 2 hrs. tribute to whomever you choose calling attention to the person on the radio, with songs and commentary particular to special events in the persons life. 

     In addition there will be an unveiling of the Veterans Memorial plans and plans for the DFW Golf Tournament in May

     This event will be "Live Streamed" on the web.  Those who cannot make the journey can participate in the festivities and the auction from anywhere in the country.  


    CFBRAA ...  You Do Good Work.  2015 will be the best year yet.

Are you on this list of those who have made reservations?

Streamed Raffle

The live streamed raffle will have three items this year. A special live gift Radio Broadcast, which is a 2 hour tribute to whomever you choose. This item is special because it draws attention to the gifted person in a radio broadcast, with songs and commentary particular to special events in the person’s life. The winner will be notified by phone to keep the gift a surprise.

     In addition, there will be a $100 and a $200 Visa gift card which can be won.

     This event will be "Live Streamed" on the web. Donation Tickets are $10 per ticket so get as many as you can!

(State and local laws are apply)



We will use this column to keep you informed about news, as we get it in Bobby's office (, on what's going on with the alumni of Boys Ranch and Girlstown as well as happenings at Cal Farley's  If you have news to share, send it in.  

Ricky Fortier ('72) of Amarillo, TX, passed away on January 19th.  Memorial services will be held at Washington Ave. Church at 10 a.m. on Friday, the 23rd.  Burial will be at BR. 

Teddy Hodges ('71), passed away on Jan. 11th.  Services were at Bycota Bapist Church in Amarillo. on Sat, Jan 17th.


Daylon Johnson (Former Staff) passed away.  Services will be Thurs, 1/15 at First Baptist Church in Shamrock.  

Daylon's son, Donnie Johnson passed away the 12th.  Services will be at First Baptist, Dumas on Saturday the 17th.  Please remember this family in your prayers.

Buddy Brennan ('72) passed away on Monday, Jan 12 in Indiana.  Will let you know about services

Mike Allaway passed away in Spearman, TX on Monday, Jan 12th.

Nominate Distinguished Alumni & Staff
     Distinguished Alumni and Distinguished Staff are recognized annually at the Reunion.  The selection is made from nominations received by the committees.        If you would like to nominate a Distinguished Staff or Alumni:  1 - Check out the qualifications and policy; 2 - Fill out the application;  3 Get others to write recommendation letters (for distinguished staff).  See links for policies and application forms at bottom left of this page.



Dec 1982 - Ranch Post 






 All Stars


The Association has adopted a new Legacy Partners program for the purpose of funding future service CFBRAA provides for alumni.  The program promotes monthly contributions and participation in the Legacy Partnership program, funding the Foundation.  Levels of participation are:

Member - $20 / year  -  membership card

Sustaining Member - $5 /month (to the operating budget)

Star Legacy Partner - $20 /mo - $1,000 - Plaque

Silver Legacy Partner - $50 /mo - $3,000 - Plaque

Gold Legacy Partner - $100 /mo - $6,000 - Plaque
                    & Option to purchase Ring 

Platinum Legacy Partner - $200 /mo - $12,000
                            Plaque & Ring

Emerald Legacy Partner - $500 / mo - $30,000
                            Plaque, Ring, Award

Diamond Legacy Partner - $10,000 in a year - Plaque 

The first $40 of all individual contribution will go to the operating fund.  All other contributions, unless otherwise designated, will go to the Legacy Partner's Operating Fund of the CFBRAA Foundation.

Designated contributions to the foundation for the three mission support causes of the Association: Support for Cal Farley's, Scholarships or Special Needs, will count towards Legacy Partner Contributions.

To become a Legacy Partner:  
(1) Contact your bank and set up an automatic, monthly payment to CFBRAA - PO Box 9435 - Amarillo, TX  79105; or
(2) Contact the Executive Director ( to get the account & routing numbers of the Assn account to give to your bank for electronic transfers, or 
(3) Go to "Online Giving" above and set up an automatic monthly charge to your credit card via PayPal; or
(4) Send a monthly donation to CFBRAA - PO Box 9435 - Amarillo, TX  79105.



 Founding Legacy Partners


What is the future of Cal Farley's Alumni Assn.? What will WE accomplish?  What will WE leave behind?  What will be OUR LEGACY?
For every one of us who went to BR or GT, there were 15 or 20 who applied but could not get in. Where are they now?  God knows.  And but for the grace of God and the generosity of others we would probable not be where we are today.  Many of us benefited from the legacy left by others.
Now it's Our Turn to Leave a Legacy!
Boys Ranch was built on the small and consistent gifts of people across the country.  There have been many large gifts and these have been valuable.  But the small and regular gifts have been the food and electric bills for decades.
The Association Legacy Partners Program provides opportunity and encouragement for many of us to be regular consistent supporters of some very important work.  The Scholarships, the Crisis Support, the Reunions and the Support of alumni through Cal Farley's requires regular, consistant support by many partners.
The Founding Legacy Partners are those who contribute at least $1,000 to the Legacy Partners by June 30th, 2015.  All who participate as regular contributors to the work of CFBRAA are Legacy Partners and will be recognized and encouraged at the various levels noted on the All Star Levels tab of this web site.


 Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association  -  PO Box 9435  -  Amarillo, TX  79105  -  (817) 788-8782  -

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